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Stay in one of our spacious rooms, each of which is
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About Us

We at Westree Hotels welcome our guests with open arms and strive to deliver the most incredible vacation experience possible! Our guests may expect the best services at reasonable prices and rooms that are just right for the number of people they are bringing. We excel in all you need to ensure our guests have the most promising time possible, from basic amenities to quick service.

Amenities & Facilities

We believe in providing the best possible experience for our guests; therefore, we provide all of the essential services you require while on vacation. Check out some of the facilities we offer!

Waiting Lounge

You can wait in our spacious waiting lounge while we make the room ready for your stay after verifying your documents and be served with a complimentary drink while you wait!

Coffee & Tea Making Facilities

You don't have to order a cup of tea or coffee all the time as we provide you with a basic coffee and tea making machine, so you may have it whenever and however you want!

Hot & Cold Pressure Facilities

Concerned about the water you'll be using? We provide both hot and cold options so you can relax after a long day by comfortably adjusting the temperature to your liking.

Our Gallery

Want to know how we look? Look through our gallery to visualise our hotel and get an idea of
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What Our Guests Say

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who we are and what we have to offer.

"If you're going on a family vacation, I definitely recommend Westree Hotels. They have some of the cleanest and most spacious rooms available where you can comfortably stay with your family."
Sherry J. Cox
The staff at Westree Hotels is both professional and friendly. Their room service was really prompt, meeting my needs as soon as possible. I hope to make the next visit soon to Westree Hotels."
Willie J. Rhodes
"I was on my way to a business trip and was looking for a hotel that would provide me with a relaxing yet professional environment. The hotel provided me with the best of both worlds, with the surrounding views of the Westree Hotels."
Johnny M. Williams
"The services provided by Westree Hotels are unquestionable of the best quality. Their rooms are spotless and well-equipped with all of the necessities that one requires daily. The staff was extremely helpful and met all of my needs during my stay."
Fallon C. Taylor

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